Special economic zones (SEZs) can make important contributions to economic growth and sustainable development. Zones can help attract investment, create jobs, boost exports, and build productive capacity. They can support global value chain integration, industrial upgrading and diversification.
As the global economy enters a new era, SEZs are faced with new challenges and opportunities arising from the triple mega-drivers: the new industrial revolution, the sustainability imperative and the realignment of global economic governance. Mobilizing global support for SEZs and maximizing their contribution to sustainable development require a concerted effort by key players in the SEZ community. Collectively SEZs can be more effective in modernization and policy advocacy, and bring on board stakeholders, including governments, the private sector and international organizations.



GASEZ is dedicated to advance a new generation of special economic zones for sustainable development.

Core functions

Functions of the Alliance include:

  1. Facilitating cross-border and cross-industry collaboration between SEZs in trade and investment promotion for sustainable development.
  2. Collective policy advocacy for sound enabling frameworks for SEZs at the national, regional and global levels.
  3. Promoting awareness of the contributions of SEZs to sustainable development.
  4. Peer learning through the exchange of experiences, best practices and lessons learned among SEZs.
  5. Undertaking joint technical cooperation programmes for modernizing SEZs and promoting SDG model zones.

Informational Video about GASEZ

with interventions from the 8 founding members.