41st IASP World Conference on Science Parks and Areas of Innovation

IASP 2024 Nairobi

From 24-27 September 2024, the next IASP World Conference will be held in Africa for the first time since 2008. The theme is relevant not only in respect of the role of science parks and areas of innovation in leading the way in respect of how countries in Africa and other emerging markets can capitalise on the youth demographic, entrepreneurship, and technology to foster the growth of their economies. In addition, with the rest of the world aging, the theme calls upon us to reflect on critical components of collaboration across the world to ensure that there is a sufficient talent pool, innovation, and technology base, to sustain the global economy. With the recent coronavirus pandemic, the theme also calls upon us to reflect on new models of cooperation and shared growth. This theme proposes to explore the challenges and opportunities offered by the changing global demographics, the need for new models of value creation and shared growth through use of innovation and technology, the shift towards entrepreneurship and the rise of start-up movements in the world’s fastest growing and youthful regions, and the role of STPs and AOIs in preparing their nations for the opportunities that arise.